Love Birds swallow temporary tattoo

Love birds temporary tattoo, colourful swallows 6 * 6 cm. The swallow tattoo was a symbol used historically by sailors to show off their sailing experience : a sailor with one swallow had travelled over 5,000 nautical miles. Travelling these great distances was extremely difficult and dangerous in the early days of sailing, so  the tattoos denoted a very experienced and valuable sailor.

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Apply your tattoo

Press off clear plastic sheet.

Press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down.

Wet tattoo thoroughly.

Hold the wet tattoo in place for 30 seconds.

Slowly slide the paper off your skin.

To remove the tattoo, use baby oil.

Legend of the swallow tattoo

Another legend holds that since swallows return to the same location every year to mate and nest, the swallow will guarantee the sailor returns home safely. A sailor would have one swallow tattooed before setting out on a journey, and the second swallow tattooed at the end of their tour of duty, upon return to their home port.

Swallow temporary tattoo

It is also said that if the sailor drowns, the swallows will carry their soul to heaven

Love birds

Those 2 birds are face to face as if kissing. It is a very romantic tattoo, the birds cannot be separated.