Skull Nation large tattoo bag

Skull nation large tattoo bag frome Savvi. 39 temporary tattoos on the theme of skulls and bones with guitars, flowers and headphones. Some designs are realistic, others are more tribal. A good choice for different people of different sex.

15,5 * 21,5 cm

9,99 € tax incl.


Apply a temporary tattoo

Press off clear plastic sheet.

Press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down.

Wet tattoo thoroughly.

Hold the wet tattoo in place for 30 seconds.

Slowly slide the paper off your skin.

To remove the tattoo, use baby oil.

Skull tattoos

The skull tattoos are not only for men, they suit very well women and teenagers too because the designs have changed : the skulls are surrounded by flowers for a more romantic aspect or they will be wearing headphones for a funny look.

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Custom tattoo

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