Scorpion tattoo 5 cm

Scorpion temporary tattoo 5 * 5 cm. Someone who gets this arachnid tatted on their body might want to send the message that they are deadly, stealthy, and not to be messed with. In addition to representing the scorpion's characteristics, this tat could also be a symbol of a variety of other meanings, such as the zodiac sign Scorpio.

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Scorpion tattoo on women

A scorpion tattoo on a woman could symbolize strength and the ability to take on anyone regardless of their size, status, or position. This is because even though the scorpion is small, it is not afraid to fight and defend itself.

Scorpio tattoo

Many people choose the scorpion because it is their Zodiac sign, and there are a number of specific meanings associated with the Scorpio.


Scorpion symbol tattoo

According to many religions, the scorpion is associated with bad omens and is symbolic of evil.

Wear a temporary tattoo

Press off clear plastic sheet.

Press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down.

Wet tattoo thoroughly.

Hold the wet tattoo in place for 30 seconds.

Slowly slide the paper off your skin.

To remove the tattoo, use baby oil.