Vintage marine "for the boys" pin up tattoo

Vintage temporary tattoo : Marine Pin up 7,5 * 7,5 cm.

Pin up tattoo designs are some of the best examples of elegance and style.

You can chose amongst all our pin up tattoos : marine, with flowers, in a swimming suit...

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Apply a temporary tattoo

Press off clear plastic sheet.

Press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down.

Wet tattoo thoroughly.

Hold the wet tattoo in place for 30 seconds.

Slowly slide the paper off your skin.

To remove the tattoo, use Tattoo gone wipes.

Pin up tattoos

You’ll never get the opportunity to see a bad pin up tattoo design, because they’re simply awesome! Their colors, their styles, their symbolistic, all of them are simply unique. The symbolistic of “pin-up” comes from the fact that in the past, some girls were so beautiful and pretty that you couldn’t hold yourself up from pinning them up on a wall through a picture frame.

Vintage tattoos

When sailing was the main method of moving goods from place to place, sailors had to rely on the stars for navigation. Thanks to the wandering minds of these sailors, the world received its first pin up girl

Sailor jerry and post war tattoos

Pin ups played a huge role in WWII, both back home and to keep up morale for soldier overseas. These women made history in more ways than one, and it wasn’t just about their sex appeal. Sure, that was a huge part of it, but things shifted in society after the war, and with the help of pin ups, women started playing a bigger role in society than they did before.