Coloured tribal big temporary tattoo 22cm

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A very long and refined tattoo to put on the arm, on the lower back or on the ankle. The details and the colors make it a very feminine tattoo. It's an interlacing of curves in green and blue tones. The whole pattern is sparkling, perfect for summer or for an evening.

1 tribal tattoo colored glitter 22 * 4 cm.

Polynesian tattoos

Polynesian tattoos are perfect for those who wish to get an ephemeral tattoo. The practice of tattooing in Polynesia is an ancestral practice that has endured over time and that new generations continue to perpetuate. There are different styles and variations depending on the islands, but all have the same cultural origin.

Maori tattoos

In Tahitian, Maori means "in confidence", "Come, be welcome". In the Maori tradition (the whole Polynesian triangle: from New Zealand to Easter Island, passing through Hawaii, Tahiti, the Marquesas, Fiji, Samoa, all the islands, archipelagos, atolls of the South Pacific...!), the symbolism is rich and fascinating... and quite different from ours.

Tribal tattoo

The tattoo is a distinction that must be earned and each tattoo is unique, telling the life of the person who wears it.

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Heart tattoo

Each tribal pattern has its own meaning and they can be worn together or separately. This large tattoo is original by its color and its glittering aspect.

Dimension of the board : 22 x 4 cm.

Glittering tattoo

This tattoo is shiny and metallic. It will create an iridescent effect on your skin and will glitter in the sun or under the projectors.

We offer many glittering tattoos: gold, silver, colored metallic ...