Very big tattoo "fighting to be human" 48cm

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This large monochrome temporary full arm tattoo holds a "fighting to be human" message. A heart decorated with both wings and horns is surrounded by skulls and roses.

1 very large tattoo 48 * 17 cm.

Tattoo messages

There is no place more personal than the body to send a message. The message "fighting to be human" is full of ambiguity: is it a vampire who speaks or simply a person who finds humanity difficult? The skulls and the heart half angel, half demon confirm our doubts.

Come and discover all our other tattoos with messages: it goes from the innocent message "I love my cat" to more profound quotes like "Life is a game"...

Sometimes, only the text is present and other times it is surrounded by patterns, symbols ...

Full arm tattoos

Among the big tattoos we have several sizes!

For the most daring we have the Full arm tattoos of more than 40 cm long which cover all the arm or all the leg: the roses and skulls, the big bouquets of flowers, the koi carps and other oriental motives as the dragons.

In short, you will be spoilt for choice.

This gives a very realistic result and many will believe in a real tattoo.