Board of 12 Golden stars temporary tattoos 13cm

Board of 12 Golden stars temporary tattoos 13cm

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12 golden refined stars to put anywhere on your body. Gold temporary tattoos reflect light and sparkle on the skin. They are beautiful in the evening or in summer.

Beautiful tattoos to wear like jewelry.

1 Board of 12 golden star tattoos 13 * 7 cm.

Temporary tattoos board

Size of the board: 13 * 7 cm.

Very good outfit.

12 stars that you can group, scatter on your body or share.

100% natural tattoos

Tattoos based on vegan and non-toxic inks.

Tips for laying a decalco with water

Apply on the skin with a little water for 30 seconds by pressing firmly and remove with baby oil or a Tattoo gone wipe for easy cleaning and without rubbing.

Gold tattoos

We offer many golden models: flowers, Lower Back, majestic tigers or full boards. These are real skin jewelry. They are perfect for the holidays of course but also stand out on tanned skin during the summer.

You can also try silver or glittering tattoos.

Star tattoos

The stars are part of the oldest symbols of many cultures, religions and belief systems of our world.

But it also sometimes has a more personal meaning: for example, you could want to make yourself a star tattoo to symbolize a particular goal you are looking to reach or something you have accomplished.

The neck, back, wrists or basin are usual points on which are very good tattoos of stars. Whether you choose a shower of stars in the back or a small star with the wrist, they will shine from 1000 lights on your skin and will attract all eyes.