Watercolor skull temporary tattoo 10cm

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Colorful temporary tattoo representing a skull painted in watercolor. This design is a great classic of tattooing and combines the "dark side" a little morbid with the romanticism of colors that blend into the background.

1 temporary tattoo skull painted with watercolor 10 * 7.6 cm.

How to apply your tattoo

The tattoo decal is applied as follows: remove the plastic film, place the tattoo facing the skin and then, with a damp cloth, soak the paper for several seconds and then slide it to reveal the design.

To remove, use body oil or our tattoo gone wipes.

Watercolor Skull Tattoo

Dimension of the tattoo: 10 x 7.6 cm.

It represents a very simple skull but as painted in watercolor with bright colors. It's a rather romantic motif despite its morbid theme especially that the face seems to smile!

Temporary tattoos

The temporary tattoo is a good alternative for those who wish to wear a tattoo periodically or change regularly the pattern and colors. It can also be used to "test" the idea of getting a tattoo and allows you to try different designs (especially with customizable tattoos and different places (ankle, shoulder ...).

Finally the decalco tattoo is a way to have fun: children love it, theme parties are brightened up and they personalize personal and professional events.

Skull tattoos

The skull and crossbones is one of the most used symbols in permanent or temporary tattoos. Is it a way to defy death or to look more rocking? Women often prefer girly or flowery skulls while men opt for more aggressive designs! But this colorful skull is perfect for both sexes.