Pirtae skull temporary tattoo 5cm

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Tattoo decal representing a skull and crossbones with an eye patch and a pirate hat.

Perfect for a pirate themed party with treasure at stake! The skull is smiling and surrounded by 2 impressive swords for an even more realistic and scary effect.

Let's board! 1 temporary tattoo 5 * 3.5 cm.

Pirate tattoos

Temporary decalcomania tattoos that will please your little pirates! To apply very easily on the chosen part of the body with a wet sponge.

Size of decalco: 5 * 3.5 cm.

This type of tattoo design immediately evokes images of rebellion, freedom and adventure for many people.

Pirates were that community of sailors dedicated to piracy, plundering practices and marine banditry dating back to the dawn of time. In traditional piracy, one boat attacks another in an area of international waters, to take possession of its cargo and decide the fate of its crew.

But besides this cruel reality, there has always been something romantic about pirates, something that has inspired our imagination for centuries. And the importance of tattoos showing pirate drawings is a good proof of that.

Pirate birthday party

Temporary tattoos are a must for a pirate-themed party. This set of 5 allows you to create a crew with the same symbol!

Visit our partner Miss Popcake for a successful pirate birthday party: table decoration with cup, display, tablecloth... and also making pirate lollipops, cupcakes...

Put a decalco on a child

Decal tattoos are applied on a clean and not oily skin with a wet sponge that you press on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic film.

To avoid the risks of allergy it is advised not to leave on the skin of a child a tattoo decal for more than 48 hours.

Remove the tattoo with a Tattoo Gone wipe in a few seconds and without rubbing.