Peace and love smiley temporary tattoo 4cm

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This little tattoo is really easy to wear! It is funny, full of color and good mood and invites to party! This smiley is a sign of friendship and it is accompanied by peace and love symbols and stars for dreams, tolerance and kindness.

A real bubble of happiness.

1 smiley face tattoo with peace and love symbols 4 * 4 cm.

Temporary tattoos

What is nice about the ephemeral tattoo is that it is...temporary! No regret, no hesitation, we wear what we want according to the circumstances, the season ... We can afford all the fantasies and do crazy things!

We have the right to test, to make mistakes, to be young and to change our tastes, to want to express ourselves with messages on our skin, to wear the colors of what we like...

Smiley tattoos

A smiley face is an extremely stylized drawing of a smiling face colored in yellow, expressing friendship.

The colored smiley face, a yellow button with a smile and two dots representing the eyes, is said to have been invented by Harvey Ball in 1963 for an American insurance company that wanted an internal campaign to improve the morale of its employees.

However, Ball never tried to use, promote or protect the image and it migrated into the public domain before any image protection procedure could be undertaken.

Emoticon tattoos

The first Smileys were created in 1953, at a time when Smarpthones did not yet exist. Since then, they have evolved, they are called emoticons or emoji and are part of our daily lives. We regularly use them to illustrate our SMS, our messages on social networks and our emails.

Emoji are also called emoticons or smileys.