Sparkling dragonfly temporary tattoo 9cm

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Wear this glittering dragonfly as a piece of jewelry or a talisman! This temporary tattoo is an ode to nature and its beautiful colors and shapes. It's a very feminine tattoo with its refined curves and glittery sparkles.

1 temporary tattoo dragonfly 9 * 6.4 cm.

Dragonfly temporary tattoo

Even if the dragonfly is always a symbol of fragility and ephemerality, its meaning varies according to countries and cultures. For the Japanese it is the sign of joy, the Amerindians see the soul of the deceased ... In all cases it is a positive force, the mark of renewal.

Glittering temporary tattoo

The glittering tattoos are adorned with 1000 reflections and colors on the skin and are of the most beautiful effect. They are feminine and refined tattoos which are worn like jewels.

How to apply and remove a temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to apply with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Butterflies and dragonflies tattoo

Tattoo sticker offers many ephemeral tattoos dragonflies, butterflies ... to you find the one that suits you.

Size of the temporary tattoo

Dimension of the motive: 9 x 6,4 cm.