Silver grey snowflake temporary tattoo 6cm

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Shiny silver tattoo for Christmas and New Year's Eve: a snowflake on your shoulder, your arm or in your neckline and here you are shining with 1000 lights and adorned with light.

1 decalco tattoo 6,35 * 5,70 cm

Snowflake tattoo

Clients will often choose a snowflake tattoo after overcoming a difficult situation in their life. It symbolizes peace, as it falls silently to the ground without disturbing anything about it. A tattoo like this could be used as a totem for inner peace and serenity.

Beautiful tattoos to wear as jewelry.

Temporary tattoos

Size of the board: 6,35*5,70 cm.

Tattoos with vegetable inks and non toxic.

To pose and withdraw your tattoo

To apply on the skin with a little water during 30 seconds while pressing firmly and to withdraw with oil for baby.

Silver tattoo

Silver metallic tattoos are very trendy and totally innovative. Ideal to make sensation!