Pink fairy temporary tattoo 7cm

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Temporary tattoo featuring a pink fairy casting a spell. Beautiful silhouette to be worn by the little ones and the big ones! Feminine tattoo, whose design is very worked and which creates a world of fantasy. A tattoo for fairy tale lovers but not only. Wearing a fairy on your skin can be fun and aesthetic but also symbolic: a totem that protects you and watches over you.

Tattoo decalco of 7,5 * 6 cm.

Tattoos to be cut out and applied on a clean and not oily skin with a wet sponge. The installation is very easy: remove the plastic film, put the pattern on your skin and soak generously the paper at the back. When it slides, the pattern appears.

Remove your decalco tattoo

The decalco tattoo is temporary and can be removed with body oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe in a few seconds without rubbing.

Fairy tattoo

Nymphs and fairies are part of a fantasy world. Their meaning allows to play with illusion and magic. They are ideal for people who, despite the passage of time, continue to dream of beauty, pure nature, have a great imagination and sensitivity and an inner world of their own. They can also represent the desire for freedom, to escape monotony by seeking art in all its fullness through tattooing. They can also evoke childhood and the desire to fly in another world. Ideal tattoos for women poets and lovers of beauty in its natural state.

Dimension: 7,5 * 6 cm.

Exclusive tattoo

Temporary tattoos for children

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