Skull and guitar with wings temporary tattoo 9cm

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This temporary tattoo from the wicked midnight tattoos series represents a guitar with wings and skulls. All the most popular symbols in tattoos are found in purple tones for an effect that is both sweet and a little provocative. For the rock gods.

Temporary skull tattoo

This temporary tattoo is full of contrasts: first in the colors with the purple that opposes the black and then between the femininity of the curves and the angel wings and the harshness of the skulls and the guitar.

Guitar tattoo

The electric guitar is linked to male virility and also defines youthful rebellion but you can wear it just because you're a rocker or you love music!

For a more romantic guitar, choose the "Music Forever" tattoo!

Applying and removing a temporary tattoo

Remove the plastic wrap, stick the tattoo face down on your skin, moisten the back of the tattoo (paper) generously for 15 seconds then remove the paper. To remove the ephemeral tattoo, use a greasy substance like baby oil, monoi oil...

Tattoo man and woman

It is a tattoo that can be worn as well by a woman as by a man and everyone will find the symbol of what he wants: music, rebellion, subversion, life and death, angel or demon...

Size of the tattoo: 6,4 cm x 9 cm.