Green glitter dragon temporary tattoo 6cm

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A beautiful tribal shiny green dragon to wear as a talisman.

Adorn yourself in gold and color and let the ephemeral tattoos change in the sunlight or artificial lighting at night!

Metallic colored tattoos

Colored metallic tattoos are very trendy and totally innovative. Ideal to make a sensation!

In medieval Europe the dragon was a much more negative creature, a fire-breather whose ferocity terrorized people.

Today, dragons are seen as intelligent and free creatures. The dragon has become a symbol of freedom and wisdom around the world.

Men most often tattoo a dragon to represent courage, strength, wisdom and reason while women wish to communicate a message of creation and protection of life.

The dragon tattoo has the advantage of being an aesthetically pleasing and very fluid design that easily fits the contours of any body part. Men usually get this tattoo on the arms, shoulders, legs or chest and women prefer the shoulder, neck, ankle or foot.

Tattoo decal of the series of dragons.

Size of the tattoo: 6,5 cm x 6,5 cm.