Tatouage temporaire croix celtique

Black Celtic tribal cross temporary tattoo 9cm

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Tattoo pattern representing a beautiful celtic Cross.

This cross symbolizes Celtic Christianity but has also become a decorative pattern evoking Ireland and its folklore.

1 Temporary Tattoo Tribal Cross 9 * 6 cm.

Tips to put your temporary tattoo

Apply with a wet cloth with strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Monochrome tattoo

Dimension of the pattern: 6 x 9 cm.

Cross tattoo

The Cross does not only have a religious meaning. For many, the cross is a spiritual pattern but it is also the representation of the link between man and nature and a sign of physical and moral force.

Celtic tattoos

Invader or conqueror, this people are recognized for their heroic past and mysterious symbols. The cross is one of it.