Tatouage temporaire citrouille

Smirking pumpkin temporary tattoo 5cm

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Here is the perfect tattoo to symbolize Halloween and its many beliefs! You will appreciate the brightness of this very realistic tattoo. Proudly wear your pumpkin all fall long. Complete it with a black cat or a witch on Halloween night.

1 pumpkin temporary tattoo 5 * 5 cm.

Pumpkin tattoo

Tattoo decal to apply with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Size of the pattern: 5 x 5 cm on the skin.

The decorative pumpkins, cut out with frightful grimaces and collecting a lantern, would be resulting from a very old Irish account, that of Jack O' lantern, a stingy and alcoholic blacksmith, who played the devil by preventing him from taking his soul in spite of a pact concluded with him. At his death, unable to go either to heaven or hell, Jack O'lantern is condemned to wander in the dark, with a simple lamp carved in a turnip to find his way. Turnip which, during the massive exodus of the Irish to the USA in the 19th century, was replaced by the local cucurbit of the new world: the pumpkin, easier to carve.

The pumpkin thus became the main symbol of Halloween. Very visual, with its flashy bright orange colors, it allows you to make very nice colored tattoos, and which can easily juggle between a fun side and a more horrific part.

Halloween tattoo

Although Halloween is not as popular in France as it is in English-speaking countries, its imagery is still very much in use: pumpkins, witches, black cats, monsters and ghosts come out of the drawers every year on October 31st. The Halloween party is mainly a good opportunity to thematize student parties, concerts or shows.

The visual appeal of the Halloween theme makes it the perfect party to dress up, decorate a room, or why not get a tattoo! Indeed, this imagery that calls strongly to the imagination is very popular for tattoo designs.