Alien Tattoo Phosphorescent Tattoo 5 cm

Alien Tattoo Phosphorescent Tattoo 5 cm

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If you want to impress your friends or family the time of an evening, opt for this tattoo out of the ordinary! This head of Alien is super original and more she shines in the dark! There is a lot to bet that you will make a sensation with this phosphorescent tattoo.

1 tattoo shining in the black 5 * 4 cm.


Temporary tattoo

Temporary Tattoo Dimension Decal: 4cm x 5cm.

Tattoo to apply with a little water and remove with baby oil. Tattoos hold a minimum of 24 hours on the skin without deterioration. They can hold much longer if the pH of the skin is rather neutral. They are realistic and mats. The inks used are from vegetable components. Ingredients approved by the FD & C.

Alien tattoo

Aliens' tattoos have become more and more trendy late, whether as a unique and fun design or more seriously and significantly for those who believe in the existence of an intelligent life in space .

Aliens' tattoos do not just mean that those who wear them believe in the existence of unknown beings. They can also be a way to express someone who feels different and does not fall into the boxes of society, who does not belong to this world and does not recognize themselves in those who populate it.

Here is a very simple alien head, white with prominent eyes, the most classic Roswell.

Phosphorescent tattoos

The Tattoos Glow in the Dark are really very original and please a lot. We can wear them in the winter, in the evening and at the Halloween period. Come discover our models: black cat, alien, bald mouse, ghost, haunted house ... you will be surprised at these decals that shine in the dark for several days.