Landing american eagle temporary tattoo 5cm

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The bald eagle is a raptor that lives in North America. The national emblem of the United States, this eagle is a symbol of strength and prestige. The eagle, capable of soaring above the clouds and staring at the sun, is universally regarded as both a celestial and solar symbol.

1 tattoo decalco eagle 5 * 5 cm.

Meaning of an eagle tattoo

King of the birds and king of the sky, it is, in the classical antiquity, the bird of Zeus. It is a symbol of majesty and freedom.

How to wear an eagle tattoo ?

This beautiful eagle is ready to land on your shoulder.

American eagle tattoo

Size of the tattoo: 5 cm x 5 cm.

Tattoos should be applied with a wet sponge on a clean and dry skin.

They are removed with a tattoo gone wipe.