Pirates temporary extreme tattooz pack

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Pack of 2 tattoo sheets from the "Extreme Tattooz" series by Savvi. 9 temporary tattoos of pirates more real than life: skull, swords, bones, sea anchors... all the symbols are there!

1 pouch of 2 plates 10 * 12 cm.

Tattoo pouch

This pouch is composed of 2 tattoo sheets to cut out. A world of pirates to wear in all circumstances.

The tattoos are applied on a clean and not oily skin with a wet sponge that you press on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic film.

To remove them, use a Tattoo Gone wipe: the residue is gone in a few seconds and without rubbing.

The pouches are ideal for going on vacation, sharing with friends and family, or for organizing a party or a birthday party.

Pirate Tattoos

It's the favorite theme of little and big boys! Let's board, sailor!

Choose from

decorated swords,

the pirate octopus

the different pirate skulls that are really, really scary!

The tattoos are colorful with careful details and are suitable for teenagers and adults alike. The effect will be very realistic on your skin and perfect for a theme party or to give to a pirate fan.

These designs immediately evoke images of rebellion, freedom and adventure and are sure to make anyone dream.

Pirates are sailors who have been engaged in plundering and marine banditry since the dawn of time. In traditional piracy, one boat attacks another in international waters to take possession of its cargo and decide the fate of its crew.

But besides this cruel reality, there has always been something romantic about pirates, something that has inspired our imagination for centuries.