Glitter Halloween temporary tattoo pack

Glitter Halloween temporary tattoo pack

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This Savvi pouch contains 37 glittering and scary temporary tattoos: witches, pumpkins, mummies, skulls, black cats, skeletons, bats, spiders... ! The glitter effect will make Halloween even more festive and colorful.

1 pouch 35 * 12 cm.

Temporary tattoo pouch

This large pouch contains 37 glittery, colorful and funny temporary tattoos. They are suitable for all ages and their small size makes them very easy to wear!

Tattoos for kids

FD § C approved ingredients.

Our tattoos are made of natural inks and our Tattoo Gone wipes to remove them are hypoallergenic.

Putting on your decal

Decal tattoos are applied to clean, non-oily skin with a damp sponge that is pressed onto the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic wrap.

Halloween tattoos

Halloween is one of the highlights of the year to get a tattoo. And it's lucky, all the Halloween symbols are present in this cover. Bats fly over the graves or spiders swarm. The graveyard is filled with pumpkins, black cats and a creepy mummy while a skeleton goes trick-or-treating!

Sparkling tattoos

All the tattoos on this board are glittery and sparkly which makes them a little less scary! Kids and adults alike will love wearing them and everyone will be envious. Since there are so many of them, you can share!