Fashionista Minnie temporary tattoo board

Fashionista Minnie temporary tattoo board

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Board of ephemeral tattoos representing the whole fairy world of Mickey, Minnie and her cousin Daisy! 12 bright and colorful tattoos that will enchant all little girls. All the characters are present on this board on the world of fashion.

1 sheet of 12 tattoos to cut out 15.5 * 11 cm.

Tattoos Minnie

She celebrated her 90th birthday, but she hasn't aged a bit! Minnie is the charming and sexy emblem of the Disney world. Always dressed up in her red dress with white polka dots and a big bow in her hair, she is the mouse that everyone loves.

Minnie is the eternal lover of Mickey. That said, they have never married and never lived together in a cartoon or a comic book!

She's flirty and mischievous and kids will love her as a tattoo.

Daisy Tattoos

Daisy is the sexy duck, eternal fiancée of Donald Duck. She also pays attention to her appearance: she always wears pink heels, matching her hair bow and her purple outfit.

Disney temporary tattoos

We propose you here many Disney tattoos: Mickey, Minnie of course but also princesses, superheroes...

You have something to please your children but also your friends, godchildren ... or even open a tattoo stand, success guaranteed!