Toy Story 4 temporary tattoo board 15cm

Toy Story 4 temporary tattoo board 15cm

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1 large board containing 21 ephemeral tattoos of Toy Story 4 characters. The size of the board and the tattoos are perfect for children's little arms and it's the ideal shape for parties, birthdays and pajama parties!

1 board Toy Story 4 15,5 * 11 cm.

Toy Story 4 Tattoos

The animated film Toy Story 4 is produced by Pixar and distributed by Disney studios. As the previous opus, the film tells the adventures of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and all their toy friends. They are at little Bonnie's house and are joined by Fork. Multiple adventures follow at a frenzied pace!

This board takes up their adventures: the tattoos are colorful, detailed and very easy to wear!

Tattoos Woody, Buzz, Fork and the others

Woody is still the same cowboy, Andy's favorite toy for years. But even though he's found a new home with Bonnie, Woody suffers in silence. Having shared a child's life for so many years and having to change it is not easy for a toy. "It's a whole new dynamic that I find very interesting. Bonnie doesn't play with her toys the way Andy does.

Buzz also makes a comeback, still a fan of stunts and more loyal than ever to his friends, including his old rival Woody. Buzz understands that Woody needs to adjust to this change. He wants to help and support him, but his efforts lead him to a carnival booth, where he must serve as a vulgar prize.

After years of separation, the Shepherdess has been damaged, neglected, but her spirit has remained intact. She has become someone free and adventurous, whose strength and irony contrast with the fragility and delicacy of the porcelain from which she is made. When she meets Woody again by chance, the Shepherdess realizes how much she had missed him and is eager to show him what she has become.

Jessie, Zigzag, Rex, Bayonne and the rest of the gang also make a much anticipated return.

A simple, cobbled-together toy, Fork feels out of place in Bonnie's room. Unfortunately, every time he tries to escape, he gets caught up in an adventure he'd rather not have. Woody takes on the role of Fork's protector, first by rescuing him from the garbage. Fork doesn't understand the rules of the world, so he doesn't follow them, which makes the story fun and novel. But this complicates things for Woody, who tries to make Fork understand the importance of the child he belongs to.