Doraemon the cat temporary tattoo board 15cm

Doraemon the cat temporary tattoo board 15cm

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Doraemon" tattoo decal sheet. Find the story of Doraemon, the robot cat who came from the future to help a young boy, Nobita Nobi. It is the character of the Japanese manga the most venud in the world.

1 sheet of temporary tattoos 15,5 * 11 cm.

Doraemon temporary tattoos

Doraemon is a blue robot cat without ears who came from the future to help Nobita Nobi, a timid Japanese boy, and prevent him from accumulating so many debts by incompetence that his descendants would still have to pay several generations later.

Doraemon has a four-dimensional pocket, from which he pulls (sometimes reluctantly) countless futuristic gadgets to help Nobita defend himself, fix his problems, make other children jealous... However, very often, the situation degenerates when Nobita tries to play the sorcerer's apprentice with Doraemon's gadgets.

The stories all take place in modern-day Japan. The author implicitly depicts a fresco of all the complexes of pre-adolescents (first love, shyness, hard school work, fragile friendship relationships, etc.).

Board of temporary tattoos

The board contains several colorful tattoos featuring characters from the manga series. Kids can share ... or not!

Temporary tattoos for fairs

A great idea for fairs and birthdays! The pouches are perfectly adapted because they contain many models, small and large to please everyone. A tattoo stand is the guaranteed success of your party!

Apply and remove your temporary tattoo

Decal tattoos are applied to clean, non-oily skin with a damp sponge that you press on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic wrap.

Use a Tattoo Gone wipe to remove it easily and painlessly.