Big board of 5 heart temporary tattoos 15cm

Big board of 5 heart temporary tattoos 15cm

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A very complete sheet of 5 temporary tattoos in the shape of heart. You will be able to wear them at the time valentine : heart devil or heart angel ? or heart with wings or to deliver a message "love" ?

1 sheet of 5 tattoos 15 * 11.5 cm.

Temporary tattoos valentine

Size of the board : 15 * 11,5 cm.

Very good holding.

Tattoos based on non-toxic inks.

Valentine's Day is the occasion to make a tattoo message or with a particular meaning as a heart, a text, red lips ...

On this board you will find 5 ephemeral tattoos in the shape of heart

- 1 black heart with holy halo and blue tail, it is the wise heart

- 1 black heart with red ears and tail, it's the demon

- 1 big heart with wings, it's the angel

- 1 heart with printed patterns, it's the fashion heart

- 1 heart lettering "love", it's the romantic one !

Put and take off your tattoo

Apply on the skin with a little water during 30 seconds by pressing firmly. To remove it in a few seconds and without rubbing, use a Tattoo Gone wipe.

Heart tattoo

Tattoos of hearts represent a multitude of things.

When it comes to religion, they usually represent the Christian symbol of the Sacred Heart, the heart of Jesus, symbol of divine love, the center where everything converges and embraces everything. It represents the mystery of love where man and God meet.

Another meaning of heart tattoos can be compassion, true love or courage. They can therefore be used to express love, grief, loss or the memory of a deceased person.

In Buddhism, the heart is connected to the Dharmacakra, which in other words means "the wheel of law". These heart tattoos, in a Buddhist context, are therefore a symbol of the perfection of the universe. But they can also send a message of spiritual devotion, mindfulness and compassion.

Heart tattoos with wings represent freedom, free spirits and the spirit in general. Most people who wear this type of tattoo express their joyful and open nature or their freedom from addiction.