Gory Scary Piercings & Wounds ephemeral tattoos 9cm

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For the Halloween period, for a play or to make a joke to your friends, nothing like a very very realistic wound tattoo. With their 3D effect and colors truer than life, realize without pain a piercing, or an open wound. Sensitive souls, please refrain!

1 sheet of 7 temporary tattoos 9 * 6.5 cm.

To put and withdraw your tattoo

Tattoo to be applied with a little water and to be removed with baby oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe. The tattoos hold minimum 24 hours on the skin without deterioration. They can last much longer if the PH of the skin is rather neutral. FD&C approved ingredients.

Board of temporary tattoos

Size : 6,5 * 9 cm

Very practical, this board contains 7 temporary tattoos to look very very injured or to share with your friends of galley!

Fake injury tattoos

Unless you are very good at makeup, it is very difficult to draw fake wounds and scarifications. So this board allows you to get fake wounds that look just like the real thing.

Absolutely perfect to complete a costume, to scare at Halloween time or for a good joke.

Wound tattoos

Since the beginning of time, man has adopted the art of camouflage, tattooing, scarification, even mutilation, to signify, communicate, inscribe, by engraving it in his flesh, his belonging to a group, to show his bravery or his revolt, to protect himself from evil. This art of the body has a strong symbolic impact: what is accomplished in the flesh - inscription, piercing or line - has eternal value. So much the worse if it hurts; the pain is the indispensable added value! These tattoos allow you to do all this without any pain or consequences !