3 hawaian surfboards ephemeral tattoos 10cm

3 hawaian surfboards ephemeral tattoos 10cm

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Board of 3 Temporary Tattoos representing decorated Surf Boards. A superb mixed tattoo for outdoor, sea and fun lovers ! A taste of paradise. The boards are colored and decorated with large hibiscus flowers.

1 board of 3 tattoos 10 * 10 cm.

Temporary tattoos

The tattoo is a distinction that is deserved and every tattoo is unique, telling the life of the one who carries it.

Apply with a wet cloth with strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or tattoo gone wipe.

Dimension of the board: 10 * 10 cm.

Hawaiian tattoos

The origin of the Hawaiian Tattoos is in Polynesia. They were known as Kakau, a word that means pain. Recall that the antique tattoo techniques were more complicated and painful than those now used: this is why the term chosen for this body art is very appropriate.

Due to the pain that these tattoos caused, only the people willing to bear this suffering were tattooed. It was generally leaders of tribes, warriors, fishermen and wizards.

In Hawaiian culture, tattoos can represent family history. In this case, they designate the ancestors and the status of the clan. They can also be made for religious reasons like seeking the protection of the gods. Some sources indicate that they could also be associated with the transition from child to adult that of adult.

Tattoos Hibiscus Flowers

The flower of the state of Hawaii is the hibiscus. It is deeply connected to the identity of this place. It symbolizes ephemeral beauty, fun and summer. It is also used to pay tribute to ancestors.