Pack of 10 Wild Fire Choppers temporary tattoos

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Pack of 10 boards of tattoos "WILD FIRE CHOPPERS" : many acronyms and symbols of the famous brand as well as realistic skulls ! For followers or for aesthetes, wear their colors and coats of arms !

Pouch of 10 boards 10.4 * 7.4 cm.

Bikers tattoos

Size of each board: 7.4 cm * 10.4 cm.

These tattoos often resemble existing tattoos in prison because they are quite similar to the drawings and meaning. They often represent skulls, flames and skeletons.

They symbolize the free liberation and spirit of the biker, which is one of the currencies of these road lovers.

They represent honor, character, courage and bravery. Those who wear these tattoos are often fears, because they tend to show unparalleled courage.

Tattoo Wild Fire Choppers

The choppers were born in the post war United States. Young Americans, eager for sensations and power, were looking for fast motorcycles. Now, Harley-Davidson were certainly fast for the time but too heavy. They thus began to "chopper", to remove all the parts not necessary for the proper functioning of the bike. This included the mudguard Before, the back (cut), the front brake, the saddlebags, the additional headlights, the windshields, the big stool ... thus born the bobbers. The choppers had, in addition to the aforesaid long fork, aframeworkRigid (no suspension), a "suicide" clutch (at the foot) and a gear lever by hand. 

The Chopper has since distinguished other categories of motorcycles to become a recognized style, which has its own followers.

In the movie "Easy Rider ", two bikers hippies Wyatt and Billy travel through deep america to the handlebars of theirChoppers ; that Explains the way of life of motorized freedom related to this type of motorcycle.
In pulp Fiction of Quentin Tarantino, the choppersare evoked in a butch replica "That's not a motorcycle, it's achopper ! ».

Temporary tattoos

Tattoos hold a minimum of 24 hours on the skin without deterioration. They can hold much longer if the pH of the skin is rather neutral. They are realistic and mats. The inks used are made from vegetable components.

Natural tattoos

Ingredients approved by the FD & C.

Made in the United States.