Colourful butterflies long temporary tattoo 15cm

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A beautiful and refined tattoo to be put on the arm, on the lower back or on the ankle. The details and the colored reflections make it a very feminine tattoo. Let this flock of butterflies land on your skin and come to life with you.

1 long butterfly flight tattoo 16 * 4 cm.

To put and remove its tattoo

Tattoo decal to apply with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil for a wipe Tattoo Gone.

Remove the plastic wrap then place the design against your skin and moisten the paper thoroughly for 30 seconds, remove the paper and discover the design on your skin.

Long tattoos

Dimension: 16 x 3 cm.

The long tattoos are perfect to wear in lower back for example. The lower back tattoo is probably one of the sexiest.

You can also wear them along the arm or the ankle or around the wrist or the leg as a jewel.

Colorful tattoos

Butterflies will not go unnoticed with their beautiful bright and warm colors. They call for good mood, sunshine and life in the open air.

Butterfly tattoo

It is a feminine and graceful symbol and it is for its romanticism and beauty that it is so appreciated. It is also associated with metamorphosis, after a period of reconstruction and infinite freedom.

Of course we do not forget the symbolism of carpe diem: the butterfly does not live very long and enjoys every moment. An ideal motif for an ephemeral tattoo.