Big board of spiders and webs temporary tattoos 15cm

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Large board with 6 spider tattoos and their webs.

Placed on your cheek, your shoulder or your forearm, it is likely that you will scare more than one ! These tattoos representing a spider in its web are the ideal element to complete a disguise especially at Halloween time or for a thematic party.

1 sheet 15 * 11 cm for Halloween.

Temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to apply with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Size of the pattern: 15 x 11 cm on the skin.

Exclusive tattoo

Halloween tattoo

The spider tattoos are among the most used symbols for the Halloween period. Indeed spiders are more present and visible in autumn and they are part of the animals that are scary.

Will you dare to put a spider on your skin for an evening or a week ?

Spider tattoos

Spider tattoos usually represent this animal alone or accompanied by a spider web.

There is a general meaning attributed to spider tattoos : struggle. The spider is associated with the ability to fight and struggle in certain situations in life and our ability to get through them.

Traditionally, this tattoo worn by a person refers to the prison world. The spider web is an old symbol used by prisoners in their tattoos. It covers different meanings that you will discover by reading the lines below.

Located at the level of the elbow, the tattooed spider's web means that the person has been sitting so long at a table that a spider has had time to weave its web at the level of his elbows.

The number of concentric circles seen in a spider web tattoo can inform how long the person has been in prison.

The spider web can also be used to signify that the person has killed someone in prison.