Tribal feathers big ephemeral tattoo board 18cm

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Large sheet of 3 tattoos representing feathers and Indian nightmare catcher in the purest tribal tradition. The details are refined and the feathers look more real than real.

According to a Sioux belief, the dream catcher is supposed to prevent bad dreams from invading the sleep of its holder.

In Native American culture, a dream catcher is a handcrafted object consisting of a ring, usually made of willow, and a loose net. The decorations that compose it are different for each dream catcher. Acting as a filter, it keeps the beautiful images of the night and burns the bad ones at the first light of the day.

Huron legend of the dream catcher

A long time ago, when the world was still young, in a native village, an Amerindian slept with his brothers and sisters in their longhouse.

One day, the man went hunting for food for the coming moons. He went far away to find a moose drinking pure spring water from the mountain. He crossed rivers and streams with courage and determination, without seeing any deer or moose in the area. He then decided to leave for a mountain, thinking that the meal would soon be served. On the way, he saw a huge cave in which any animal could be found. He entered the cave, putting all his hopes on it.

In the cave, the moose was absent. Instead, a malevolent spirit was there. The man felt uneasy, certain of a dark presence in these depths. Then a beast appeared. Blood-colored eyes, hair as black as night, a snub nose and fangs ready to bite flesh. The man jumped and fled in panic, leaving his bow behind, with a tiny glimmer of hope of staying alive.

Back in the village, the man was empty. No food, no weapons to hunt other beasts. And he was terrified of going back to hunt.

That night, he couldn't sleep. As soon as he fell asleep, he could still see those two blood-colored eyes staring at him and the black-haired beast ready to devour him. The next night he tried to sleep again, but to no avail. Night after night, moon after moon, the man could no longer sleep peacefully. The spirit of the beast with the bloody eyes haunted him. Several suns passed and nothing changed.

One night, the man got up after a nightmare. He left the village and headed for the forest. But, exhausted, he fell asleep on the ground covered with branches.

The next day at dawn, the man woke up impressed: he had not had a nightmare. He looked up and saw a spider's web with morning dew.

The man always fell asleep next to the web, which in the morning was illuminated by the sun's rays.

Then he told this story to his people, who adopted this technique.

Apply with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Dimension: 11,5 x 18 cm.

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