Large board of 3 golden bracelets temporary tattoos 19cm

Large board of 3 golden bracelets temporary tattoos 19cm

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Board of tattoos including 3 large metallic gold tattoos : these bracelets with refined patterns can be worn on your wrists or your ankles... You will be spoilt for choice to adorn yourself with gold. The contrast between black and gold gives them all their charm.

Beautiful tattoos to wear like jewelry.

1 sheet of 3 gold and black tattoos 19 * 10 cm.

Metallic tattoos

Adorn yourself with gold and colors and let the ephemeral tattoos change in the light of the sun or the artificial light of the night! Check out our other Prismfoil boards, the new thing this summer!

Metallic tattoos, whether colored, silver or gold, are very trendy and totally innovative. Ideal to make a sensation!

Size of the board: 19 * 10 cm.

Each bracelet measures 18 * 1.8 cm.

Natural tattoos and non toxic inks.

Apply to the skin with a little water for 30 seconds pressing firmly and remove with tattoo gone wipe.

Tattoo board

It's up to you to decide if you're going to share it with your friends or wear all 3 yourself! You can also offer it as a gift.

Gold tattoos

Gold tattoos are beautiful on the skin : they reflect the light, are discreet and refined.

We offer you many gold tattoos : animals, flowers of course and many butterflies. You can wear them as a bracelet, ring or necklace or as a lower back in the lower back or in a very sexy way under the chest.

They are tattoos that are easily worn and shine in the sun or during your crazy parties during which they will not go unnoticed.

If you like the metallic aspect, we also suggest you the prismfoil that is to say tattoos shining but with different colors.

We even have gold freckles on the shelf !

Jewelry tattoos

We offer bracelets, nail and cuticle tattoos, pendants, lower back...