Realistic rhinoceros big ephemeral tattoo 13cm

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Wear this large temporary tattoo of a majestic rhino with pride. It seems to come towards us but does not charge ; its attitude is majestic and peaceful. The rhino is a special animal and teaches us that nothing is what it seems.

1 large temporary tattoo rhinoceros 12,5 * 10 cm.

Temporary tattoo rhinoceros

A tattoo is a distinction that must be earned and each tattoo is unique, telling the story of the wearer.

It is important to note that the rhinoceros is an animal full of contradictory meanings. It is one of the three largest mammals on the planet and although it is known to be aggressive and have a negative behavior, it is also a rather passive animal that likes open and wide spaces.

Strong, resilient and powerful, rhinos have inspired fear and admiration in humans for thousands of years and are the source of many legends.

Whether you love rhino tattoos for the powerful image they evoke or for their connection to Buddhism (Buddhism says that to achieve enlightenment, one must wander like the rhino, so as not to give in to violent impulses, to avoid harming another living being), you can't deny the strength and inspiring beauty of this animal.

Temporary tattoo to put on the shoulder or back

The rhino tattoo is 12.5cm by 10cm. This is a large enough size that it lends itself well to being placed on the back, bicep, shoulder or any surface large enough to show off your tattoo. The image is very realistic and gives off a feeling of power, tranquility and majesty. The rhino really seems to be moving towards the viewer.

How to apply and remove the ephemeral tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

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