Watercolor lion big temporary tattoo 21cm

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Large exclusive tattoo : its size does not make it go unnoticed, its fawn colors are at the same time soft but well present and the majesty of its look and its posture inspire respect. A tattoo that is earned and worn like a totem.

1 temporary tattoo lion 21 * 10 cm.

Lion tattoo

The lion represents strength and courage and is the king of animals, so it's no wonder he's so popular.

Reconnect with your wild side by getting this temporary wild lion tattoo.

The lion has been one of the most popular animals in tattooing for centuries. The common symbolism of the lion is royalty and self-confidence. It is considered a creature of aristocracy and law. Today, lion tattoos still signify courage, glory, victory, strength, vitality, spirit and overall masculinity. Although there are women who choose this tattoo, the lion is mainly a male figure.

Temporary tattoo

Exclusive series.

Animals are particularly popular as tattoo designs. Here the pattern seems to be painted on your skin with tawny colors evoking the warmth of its coat.

The design is very realistic and the lion looks alive. It is not scary, rather majestic and reassuring. It seems to be painted in the moment.

You will appreciate the simplicity of the colors, the features and the serenity that emanates from this image. If you are in harmony with yourself this tattoo is made for you!

The colors are shimmering and the details very refined.

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or tattoo gone wipe.