Who is Tattoo Sticker ?

Temporary tattoos

Tattoo sticker offers you a wide choice of temporary tattoos otherwise called decals. These tattoos are very easy to apply and are made from products tested by conventional organizations; they are guaranteed non-toxic and hypoallergenic; they therefore do not present any health risk just like our wipe to remove them Tattoo Gone.

Tattoo Boards

You can order our tattoos individually or in pouch.

There are quite a few :

- for all tastes: flowers and foliage tattoos, skulls, animals, etc.- on all themes: fairies, tribal, jewelry, sexy…

- of all colours: black and white, coloured, sparkling, gold or silver or even white…

- to position where you want: shoulder, lower back, ankle, wrist, etc.

It’s easy to be a little crazy and tattooed when you know it won’t stay forever !

The unit tattoos leave you a wide choice and the pouches can be used during a party, a birthday or a fair for everyone to find his happiness.

Custom Ephemeral Tattoos

Not to mention our custom tattoos that allow you to choose your pattern, your size of tattoos and even the quantity if you want to offer them around you, perform an event...

Temporary tattoos are accessories of beauty, fashion, personality but also help you to choose a permanent tattoo for example (possibility to try the pattern and choose the location without taking any definitive risk).

Tattoos for events

They are also personal communication vehicles (birthday party, challenge with friends, sports club, etc.) and professional (organization of events, corporate gifts with the image of your brand, etc.). Mark the spirits and leave a mark ! Many customers have trusted us since 2010, so it’s up to you to play !