Where on the body?

Location of tattoos on the body

Which part of the body to choose for a tattoo ?

tatouage epauleIn the same way as the choice of the motifthe choice of the place of the tattoo on its body is very personal. These choices are linked. Dotted lines tattooed along the arm for example will have nothing to do with dotted lines tattooed around the neck. Moreover, there are tattoos that one makes for oneself (a place of one's body that one does not show to the general public as a kiss on the aisne) and others that you like to show (like a big sea tattoo on the upper arm).

You can start by asking yourself some questions about

the visibility of the tattoo :

- do you want to see it (in front or behind like a lower back on the lower back or a flight of birds on the shoulder)?
- do you want to see it when you are naked or when you are dressed?
- do you want to see it all the time (infinite love on the wrist for example) or see it at times (one salamander on the ankle)?
- do you want it to be seen by anyone in particular (underboob) ?

What is the symbolism of each body part?

Generally speaking, the shoulder, the birth of a breast, the lower backare the places where women prefer to be tattooed. Men, on the other hand, very often choose the upper arm and the back.

Tattoo back:

Tatouage bas du dos et tatouage pied lettring

The back is technically the ideal part of the body for a tattoo.
It is the largest, flattest and generally smoothest surface of our body.
The back is also the place of the body where the skin is the thickest.
The tattoo in the lower back (lower back tattoo) is a big hit with women who are looking to become more feminine. sexy.
When you choose the back as the part of the body to be tattooed, you are interested in the memory and the impression you have left around you.
But what goes on in our back is also what we are partly unaware of. The back lies in the shadow of consciousness. A tattoo on the back reflects more of an intuitive desire than a conscious one.
The motif on the back can therefore be chosen according to one's unconscious desires (probably that of seducing more) or unconscious fears (by choosing for example a tattoo motif that would repel the dangers of the unconscious).

Tattoo neck, tattoo neck :

Tatouage sur la nuqueThe tattoo on the neck has partly the same meaning as the tattoos on the back (the interest is to make pass a message to the follower). It is often ideograms or symbols that are chosen for this area (tattoo lettring). But the message can also be abstract or poetic.
Even if it is more visible than the tattoo in the back, the tattoo in the neck is often hidden by the hair. The effect is to cultivate mystery in others (in the same way as the symbolism of the neck tattoo - see below).
The nape of the neck is also the "branding" area for some animals. For the human being, the neck is the part of the body that bears all the weight of the society. The shoulder tattoo also goes in this direction.
The tattoo can thus be a "response" to social pressure or simply to that of one's entourage.
Choosing a tattoo in the nape of the neck, it is to privilege as much the body aesthetics as the will to communicate.

Women appreciate neck tattoos "birds" tattoo in the neck as a symbol of freedom, feminity and grace.

Breast tattoo, breast tattoo :

The tattoos placed near the heart (on the left breast in particular), would not have sense for the women in particular if they were not located in this zone. In this case, the tattoo is intended for the loved one.
The chest symbolizes emotion. The movements of your breath will make your tattoo move and live. Think of the pulsation tattoo or the underboob.
The tattoo in the neckline is visible at times, its visibility is not clear which accentuates your sensuality and your sexy and mysterious side.
Symbolically, the breast refers to security and protection. It is also synonymous with giving, refuge, interiority, resources.
The tattoo on the breast is a way to assert your femininity and to show your sensitivity. Choose small motifs such as infinite love or the carpe diem bird.

Hand tattoo, wrist tattoo, arm tattoo:

Tatouage au henné brun sur la face intérieure des mainsIn Egyptian culture, the arm, forearm and hand are symbols of activity. They are the extension of the spirit.
The symmetry of the arms and forearms evokes balance, power (the arm inflicts punishment on the condemned), success (lifting someone's arms serves to honour them), strength...
To get a tattoo on the arm is to voluntarily break this symmetry.
There is a parallelism between the Chinese symbol Yin Yang and the arms: the right one represents the male, the left one represents the female, constituting also the continuity of the paternal and maternal lineage.
The tattoo on the left arm is in the extension of the heart. It is the instrument and the reflection of your emotions.
The hand and the wrist are often chosen for temporary henna tattoos, especially in the Maghreb countries or in India (brown henna bracelet tattoo for example). Try the Henna tattoos.
Getting a tattoo under the forearm is becoming a strong phenomenon lately. The tattoo is only visible if the arms are open...

Tattoo feet, tattoo ankle :

Tatouage en couleurs sur le long de la jambeFroma psychoanalytical point of view, the foot has a phallic, i.e. sexual, significance.
In Buddhism, Indian and Chinese traditions, the feet establish the body's contact with the earth in the earth-sky relationship.
In direct contact with the ground, the foot reminds us of the harsh reality of the objective laws of life (earth's attraction, standing upright, moving forward) as opposed to the ideological illusions of those who "don't have their feet on the ground".
Se tattoo feet and ankles (and even the tattoo that goes up to the calf and the leg), is to give a poetic dimension to this too down to earth reality.

Some tips :

The belly is a part of the body to be avoided by women who do not have children and who wish to have some because with the pregnancy, the tattoo risks to be deformed. On the other hand, during pregnancy, try the temporary tattoo "Baby Inside fun and trendy.
In general, avoid all fleshy parts that could grow and/or deform with time, such as the stomach, breasts, buttocks or thighs.

Permanent tattoos on the hands and especially on the face are often taken as a provocation in our society. They are obviously the manifestation of a very strong rebellion. Test at least one temporary tattoo before the permanent one for the choice of these zones. In France, most of the professional tattooists refuse to tattoo the face. For one evening, you can proudly wear our ephemeral tattoo "very bad trip" tattoo !