Valentine's day temporary tattoos

For Valentine’s Day, wear or offer kisses, hearts, or jewelry tattoos. Tattoo Sticker has thought of everything, you just have to choose from the selection ! This seems obvious but the first Valentine’s Day tattoos we offer are hearts ! Hearts painted in the manner of Gustav Klimt, a big black heart or a red Maori heart, multicolored trees in the shape of hearts... or even intertwined hearts, with little devil horns, unless you prefer the colored metallic bronze tattoo. Some of our hearts have experienced more complicated stories : the wounded, the "bitten by you" and those with bandages. Romantics will also find their happiness with little golden angels or even more feminine infinity symbols (boards of 10 small tattoos or board of 2 larger) and skin jewelry. Valentine’s Day tattoos also mean sexy patterns : man and woman symbol, red and luscious lips, sexy skin tattoos and modern and vintage pinups. Lettering tattoos are also very popular for Valentine’s Day : a simple text like "ti amo per sempre", "belove" or "no lies, just love" or a design filled with meaning like doves holding a ring (THE ideal tattoo to make your statement!). For humour or for those who are more "bloodthirsty", we offer the decalcos "Bite me" or "I hate that I love you" (ah yes the great paradox of love !) ; it will be difficult to choose but you will find the key to make your message of love and tenderness pass ! Finally do not forget the flowers that remain a universal symbol to offer to the loved one !